Safety and Environment

Fabrications Australia Pty Ltd is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers. Much of Fabrications Australia’s workload is in specialised environments, such as pharmaceutical, Food processing, Construction, Chemical facilities, Mine sites and other process plants.

This has created a focus on safe work practices. We work closely with our customers to improve our performance.

Engagement of our workforce is critical in meeting our safety objectives.

This is done through various methods including:

  • Project and company level inductions
  • Toolbox meetings
  • Involvement in hazard identification such as JSEA’s
  • Recognition and reward schemes

Fabrications Australia continues to work as a sustainable business. We are developing initiatives and are working with our customers to ensure our activities and operations have limited impact on the environment.

We recycle all scrap metal, cardboard, paper and plastics.

All of our fabrication and design techniques are based on minimizing scrap/waste for both environmental and economic gain.